Sunday, September 16, 2007

Landry's six

Not a great picture, but This is Landry and her cousin at her sixth Birthday party at her Grammy's house. She requested hot dogs, hanburgers, fruit, rolls, and a choclate cake with vanilla frosting. And that is exactly what she got!
We went to Build a Bear this past weekend and she took her best friend Taytum. It was a great day. We all had a fun time.


This little guy is something else. He is rotten but so cute at the same time so it is hard to be upset with him. He has learned the word NO and uses it frequently...and then smiles that big smile. He is always doing something to make us laugh. He started Preschool last week. (my camera was not working, it isnt the second child saga) He seems to like it. He has a wonderful teacher. The first day of school I failed to mention that Cobe calls his blanket his "night night". I didn't give it to him when I dropped him off and when I went to pick him up his teacher said "I think he is really tired". He kept telling her "night night" but all he really wanted was his blanket. We thought that was funny.


Landry started kindergarten a few weeks ago and it has been so much fun for her. The first day was a tiny bit scary for the both of us but it didnt take her any time to get used to it. I, on the other hand, am still not used to it. She is doing really well. I am so proud of her!! The hardest part is getting her out of bed in the mornings, she comes by that natural.